New Beginnings


Here’s a photo of my vintage tennis racket, you know, to break the ice.

Weekend Recap Tennis

Hi. How are you? This is slightly awkward, right? Can we just skip the “hey, I’ve been doing this and that since we closed the shop” and just start over?

Cool- let’s do it.

I do, however,  have some disclaimers to make before we complete our  “I’m Blogging Again” contract:

  1. I should be doing my dishes right now. And I should also be planning my classes, and matching unsorted socks.
  2. This is a standard WordPress blog theme. Unless I shell out $100 and have 15 free hours of time to curse at WordPress…. I can’t customize it.   So for now, you’ll get small photos and missing sidebar widgets.  See Clause 1.
  3. I’ve been addicted to a game called PocketFrog. Go on, judge me.
  4. I’ve given up on my eyebrows- forever.
  5. Most All my photos will come from my Instagram feed.
  6. Do not expect fireworks. At least at first.
  7. Expect lots of photos shot against my orange linoleum floor.
  8. Actually, have no expectations. Those make me panic.
  9. I’m back to cutting my own bangs- and I couldn’t be happier.
  10. I’ve missed this.

So, we’re cool?

See you in a bit,



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