An unorganized list of thoughts:

{pre eruption of our volcano}

Like many women in our age bracket, I’ve been following the newest season of Girls. What I’ve been loving more than the show itself, is the dialog it has opened up about Lena Dunham’s nudity.  Funny to think that seeing a real body for 2 minutes, once a week, has riled an entire group of people up. Claiming it as “sensationalism”, these people are simply reinforcing the very tired idea of what a woman’s body should look like.   Isn’t it better for our gender to have a honest representation of what we REALLY look like under these clothes?

In related news, Pia has repeatedly stated that vaginas are “yucky”. I counter with- “Really? The passageway to life is yucky?? A vagina is a beautiful beautiful thing and don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise”. Obvi,  I’m taking suggestions on how to approach this topic with a little more tact.

I bought this book for B, coincidentally, also got myself on the waiting list for the Benny Community Garden. I’m dreaming of sweet yellow zucchini and swiss chard all summer.

Most delicious way to serve potatoes: scalloped. TRY to argue with me. You’ll lose.

We spent the weekend at home, building a fun papier mache volcano, reorganizing rooms and attacking smaller scale projects.

I’ve turned into a complete Breadaholic over the past two weeks: toast with a cold slab of butter. Why, oh why must you be so addictive?

I cried so much during this film, that my face was swollen for an entire day.

My parents listed their house MLS. Spread the word!

I deleted my Pocket Frog, after realizing that yes, I do deserve some time to unwind- it is still not healthy to sit in my car and tap on a screen for 25 minutes

My left knee has a mystery injury on it, and I feel like a total lame-o about it. Sad trombone.

I told myself I would write these posts in 30 minutes or less. Time’s up friends! See you next week!




One thought on “An unorganized list of thoughts:

  1. “these people” think that you have misunderstood their ‘sensational’ point but that seems to happen over Facebook.

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