An open letter to Mr Ben Affleck

Dear Ben Affleck,

Wow, you must be feeling very proud of yourself these days!  You have a cute wife, three kids who you seem to really love and a career that is really,  very far away from JLo videos and Vancouver Strip Club Adventure N.4 Yay! You’ve managed to survive the Hollywood douche trap.  Isn’t it funny how Matt never really went down that road at all? Weird

I do, however, have a beef with your latest film Argo. It’s a great story. A story that really happened, and was documented in both a 1981 tv movie AND a 1998 CBC documentary. Wow, that must have been hard to make. A narrative film based on TWO already existing films? On top of that, when you premiered your film at TIFF, you didn’t even bother to invite the key Canadian players in the real efforts to liberate those people? Ken Taylor, the then Canadian Ambassador whose house was used to shelter the 6 refugees, LIVES in Toronto. Take that Ken. Take that. argo1

So you’ve “made”- well, let’s call it “adapted”-  a not terrible movie. Really, it isn’t bad! The story is obviously fantastic, but YOU CAN’T TAKE CREDIT FOR THAT. Oh, I’m sorry, the keys got stuck on all caps. Where was I? The actors are good (nice touch using Bryan Cranston at the height of his career), the cinematogaphy is fine- you made that market scene look very believable.

But all this attention….really? Somewhere you must feel a bit weird about all the nominations and awards you’ve received? Late at night on your California king bed, do you confide in Jen about how you think you’ve pissed everybody off, and wonder why Matt Damon NEVER calls you back? Also, you must have sent swag baskets to Ken, Jihan Ghomeshi  and all of Iran, right? Tell me you’re assistant got that done for you…

Listen, Gone Baby Gone was a GREAT film. It was your first, AND you casted Morgan Freeman? I’m guessing most doors are open to you, at this point in your career. I’m confident that you have better films to come, and that maybe you can think outside the tight confines of Hollywood acceptable and make something that is truly your own?


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