Blog Inspiration

Have you noticed how dull the Internet has become? Well, I have!

I don’t know if the content has changed, or maybe it’s the fact that I’ve been going on a 7 years blogging now, but  it’s really dawned on my how different everything feels.   It seems like it’s all Facebook and self-promotion, awesome DIYs and YUMMY!! And beyond clicking through my social media accounts and maybe surfing through some links, I’m left with a feeling of emptiness more often than not.

I’m looking for inspirational reads that I can add to my weekly surfing. Good writing and humour is a definite plus, but I’m not interested in a blog that is solely dedicated to beautiful things and perfect happy-happy stuff.  I think that’s the challenge I’m facing- that we are all facing. Blogging, to me, should have a component of honesty and vulnerability in order for me to connect to it, and I think many of you feel that way as well.  Maybe working on the E&A blog for so long has turned me into a blogging snob? All that to say, I’m taking recommendations!

Anyways, while I was desperate to find engaging and truthful content our here in the blogosphere, I landed on one of Ez’s post over on Creature Comforts. I had reached out to her many many years ago with some newbie blogging questions and she responded so generously that I’ve always kept her in my back pocket.  She wrote a post a few weeks back and links back to a series of posts titles “Things I’m Afraid To Tell You” which have given me some renewed hope that the Internet isn’t just full on mindless chatter about how awesome everything is. If you’re at all interested, you should also read Jenna’s post in the same project.

Have a great weekend!




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