Find of the Week : Virtual Mood Board Creators

Great news: I am no longer struggling with Illustrator, Inkscape or any other tools. Nope, I’ve discovered the amazing wonder that is the online Mood Board Creator.

Now let’s start by ditching the expression Mood Board. These are concept/samples boards and they are great tools to use when starting a project for yourself or a client. I know very few projects that don’t need concept boards.

Images speak louder than words and when you’re helping people with their interiors, I find these projects fun to work on and something tangible that clients can hold onto.

Not only can you create and share these boards, but of course these applications partnered up with retail giants like Anthropologie wherein you can upload products from their catalogs and very dangerously “shop the look” .  My Deco takes it one step further and provides a “clip it” function, very similar to the “pin this” toolbar on your dashboard. Clip any visual and add it it your album of items to use.

OB-cozy living room



There are a whole bunch of these available to use. Most of them are free, some have better features than others. Olioboard and seem to be the leaders of the pack, at least from what I gather.

The bottom line: it’s fun to do and easy to put together if you need to creative something quick and visual.



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