Teeny Tiny Office

I’ve been reviewing what my next step is, in terms of this thing we call “a career”. It’s both exciting and terrifying to know that I have full freedom to CHOOSE something- anything I’d like to try. I’m blessed to be in a position to do that, and lucky that I have a filing cabinet full of ideas.


Small office


My first step though, since I’m 98% sure my next business venture will be design and service based, is to plan out a work area at home where I feel like I can hunker down and get stuff done.


{apartment therapy}

As I tell my students in my Intro to Interior Decoration Class, before haggling out lamp and color choices,  start with defining an intent for the space.
Mine is:

Create a stylish and compact workspace that I can insert into my living room without it being an eyesore.

Next step is to analyze the current function of the space (i.e: what’s our current situation and why doesn’t it work). Right now, I work on my kitchen table, and while that’s great, I hate having to clean up when it’s time to make snacks or set up an art activity for the kids. I also don’t love keeping the laptop in the kitchen. We also store our bills and current mail on top of the fridge- which is handy is you’re 6′ plus, but we’re both under 5′-8″ so we need something a bit more functional. All my class and work stuff gets shifted from one space to another, so in order for me to feel like this is going to be a big part of my life, I need all my stuff organized in one space.


Now comes the fun part! Let’s list out the functions that I think the space should have:

Computer/printer workstation capacity + seating 1 person

Laptop storage (drawer preferably)

Current Classes and Project files (hanging system)

Mail Inbox/Outbox 

Bills and Communication

Household Management

Corkboard for homework and school papers that need immediate attention

Once we enumerate the tasks that need to be accomplished, we’re in a better spot and can now look at more design related questions.


Only by addressing what doesn’t work in your current situation can you create a functional design solution

Living room with custom millwork and salvaged windows


I’m hoping there can be a good follow up to this post, one where I can show you progress and wheels in motion. Right now, I’m in “I need to convince the client that THIS is the best solution”. And I have a very tough client. And he happens to be my husband and the contractor that will build it.


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