Sick Day

We had one of the boys home sick last week, just like the week before, and the week before that one. Every week since Christmas, or just about. When you’re balancing all these odds and ends, like I’ve been for the past little while, a scheduling set back like this one can send your whole week reeling. What ended up happening, however, is the total opposite. I got to stay home- all day- no pick up. No drop off. I even stayed in my pyjamas all day. Turns out, it was just what the doctor had prescribed.

Coincidentally, we had received a message last week announcing that we had won the lottery for a 10′ x 8′ plot in the neighboring Benny Community Garden.

Now, I’ve always dabbled in gardening. I’ve helped my mother with her plots, planted flower beds and boxes.  The year I gave birth to Mateo,  Bruno and I, along with our growth charts and spreadsheets,  built a seedling station and raised annuals and tomatoes from scratch.  I also  participated in a joint community garden organized by Communiterre with the boys one summer (note to you: maybe wait until your children are not 9 months and barely 2 years old to partake in such an adventure).  Having said all of that, this is the first gardening project that will be OUR OWN! I feel as though I’ll finally have the time and the mental space to invest in a project of this scope. And well, Im excited because we don’t half ass our projects.

So in my pyjamas, holed up in the house, I started hatching up the plan for our garden lot. I even pulled out the kids’ watercolors and Arches paper to illustrate the whole thing. 5 hours later ( and two movies watched by the boy, who after stating that all he wanted in the garden were strawberries, lost interest) this is what I had accomplished:

The companion planting research is done. (with the help of this)

The square footage is planned and segmented. (with the help of this)

The organic seeds and varietals are selected. (with the help of this)

My watercolor skills, however, need some honing. (with the help of the echoes of my rendering teacher, forbidding us to use black)

While I embark on this fun project with great aspirations and enthusiasm, I try to stay realistic in my expectations.  I may not grow  everything I set out to grow.  I may not even like the experience (I doubt that- but maybe?). What I do know is the following:

This will not turn out the way I expect.

I will learn something about myself.

What will challenge me is not what I anticipate.

Here’s to more gardening posts, and to finding excitement and encouragement in the little things. It’s weird, I think I needed to write those words to help me believe in them.


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