Find of the Week: The Mindy Project

So it may be old news to you guys, but as per Annabelle’s recommendation, I started watching this.

Even before watching the show, I knew it already met my requirements:

  1. Annabelle recommended it.  We have very similar tastes in movies. i.e we both thought this was one of the worst movies ever. Cough….
  2. It’s sit-com length, meaning that I can watch 2 episodes without jeopardizing my sleep too much.
  3. Its star, is not your typical tv sitcom leading lady.  Asian America and curvy? Sign me up!
  4. She has a history of being funny : this article for the New Yorker is a classic, she wrote a pretty funny book, and was highly hysterical as Kelly Kapoor in NBC’s The Office.  Not to mention winning at being a staff writer and eventual executive producer of the same series- but I’m sure I don’t need to educate you on how she got to be where she is right now.

I’m onto episode 15 and Mindy has yet to disappoint. Shes strikes the perfect balance between irreverent Girly Humour and Strong Woman Messaging.  Mindy makes herself vulnerable yet maintains confidence in herself- something that tv women have a hard time doing. It has none of the angst of Girls (which I love and hate) and a pretty hilarious surrounding cast that has managed to make me laugh out loud many times – even when sober.

So open up your Project Free TV windows and start watching! I’ll be sad when I’m done all the new episodes and will be shopping for a replacement Mindy Show. Submit your recommendations here. Do it.






4 thoughts on “Find of the Week: The Mindy Project

  1. PS> Did you see that I left a stalker-type tweet for her? She needs to know that I am her soulmate.

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