Inspired Florals


Since I’ve shipped off the boys for Spring Break, and I’ve been relieved of most of my teaching duties, I got to take a fun adventure with two of my favorite ladies, Jacquie and Pia. We headed out to the Fabricville where Jacquie loaded up on basic quilting supplies. Needless to say, Pia was thrilled with the rows of what she thought were dresses. While searching for her in the aisles of bolts, I stumbled upon a little stash of printed stretch denims.

Which I am guilty of LOVING. All of it.

It’s fun and silly but most importantly, floral denim reminds me of an opera singer who spent a few weeks living with us when we were kids. Her name was Laura and when I think of her, all I can see is Andie McDowell. She had long flowing hair and wore floral dresses and wide brimmed hats. She was from Ohio. Or Iowa. I don’t remember.

What I do remember, is learning how to whistle through blades of grass and I remember watching fireworks on the hotel rooftop.

I cried so much the day she left. But I found a letter that she left me.  And this became a letter which I read and re-read until it was worn through at the folds. It told me to never forget my dreams, to always believe in myself and to continue looking up at the clouds. That she would be looking for me through the clouds. No adult had EVER spoken to me like this , I was 10.

We never kept in touch and I never heard from her again, but to this day, I still get teary eyed when I think of Laura Bayer.

Back to Fabricville.

I resisted buying the floral denim, but now that I’ve thought about it, and now that I’ve hatched somewhat of a plan, I might not be able to resist. This will be my first big sewing project since the shop closed. I’m thinking of using the base of this pattern and changing up the skirt a little.

Again, it’s the little things that should excite us, no?


One thought on “Inspired Florals

  1. I was just saying to Jen the other day that I wanted to make a Macaron with my echino fabric. Do you mind if we’re twins?

    P.S. the blog looks fabulous!

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