Weekend Recap: Spring Forward

{apple cinnamon sticky buns, adapted from this Smitten recipe}

Um, what time is it?

This year’s Daylight Savings Time really sneaked up on us this year. I loved the part when we showed up at Ikea, at what we thought was 9h15,  and stared in shock at the flood of cars in the parking lot. Didn’t it JUST open, it’s 9? Oh no. It was 10.

Last week was Spring Break and while the boys were in Knowlton, I slid down what I consider to be a responsibility vortex. Whenever I’m on reduced child load,  I always plan loads of work, but usually end up eating toast for dinner and wearing the same clothes, to save on laundry duties. This week was no different. My newfound freedom made me shirk all my domestic responsibilities in favor of watching The Mindy Project and carbo loading.

But then reality reared her irritating head when I came back from fetching the boys. Came back to a DIRTY house, to a house with no bread, to a house with no clean towels. And so we launched into a purge/clean adventure on Saturday.  We’re not even close to being finished, but it feels great to know that we’ve gotten rid of all those dust bunnies.

Highlights from the Weekend:

Visiting the new cosmetics counter at the fancy new Pharmaprix, where Pia was introduced to blush and perfume bottles

Enjoying company, despite the tiny local. Realizing that when food and drink and plentiful, no one cares about the ripped up wallpaper!

Baking those sticky buns- I have rarely felt pride at this level. Birth of children is a close second to perfectly executed sticky buns!

New Ikea fabric for new window treatments in the living room.

Falling fast asleep during storytime, surrounded by the kids.

Showing up at Ikea, only to find out that the ball room for kids is closed.

Spending time with my sister- even if I invited her over for lunch and had nothing prepared.

My bi-monhtly trip to the italian butcher, which yielded a pork shoulder, a flat iron steak and some sausages.

Things I’m looking forward to this week:

Finishing the leftovers from this recipe (honestly- it’s SO EASY and CHEAP and DELICIOUS and can feed like 15 people)

Watching this movie

Getting closer to end of my Dawson semester

Seeing the colors up at 3493 Belmore

Eating more iceberg lettuce (that crispiness is unbeatable! Watch out fancy arugula… The Iceberg cometh.)

Adding this to my wishlist

Taking care of some hair removal (it’s the little things, right?)

Putting out something HUGE in the Universe and keeping my fingers crossed.

Trying to not bully myself about the things I don’t get done.


Have a great week!




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