Find of The Week: This Sweater

This is the best sweater I’ve ever seen. And if I wasn’t as voluptuous in the midsection (let’s just call it that, ok??) then I would wear it EVERYDAY. And you would laugh, until oh, in a few seasons, you would ALL be wearing similarly bejeweled sweaters. Kind of in the same way  I swore in 2005 that I would NEVER EVER wear boots over jeans. And now? What a fool was I  to speak so hastily. Tsk Tsk.


Who wants this beauty? I refuse to throw it back into the cold lonely world of the Sally Ann. A sweater of THIS stature deserves better. Heck, I am willing to deliver/ship it out. It fits a small/small medium. It needs a loving body, a body who will wear it proudly, with jeans and boots. With a skirt. At the office or at dinner. On the set of The Golden Girls or The Mindy Show….




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