On the subject of Escapism

Maybe it’s the Springing Forward, or the disappearing banks of snow, heck it could even be my ovulation- but all I’ve been dreaming about for the past few weeks is escape! Maybe it’s the small living space and the large purge that lays ahead. Or the stories I hear from returning visitors of Costa Rica…

I’ve always been drawn to travel and adventure writing- be it fiction or non. Man vs Nature, or rather Man + Nature, the idea of contemplation and that simply put, your goals are simple. Walk, drink, don’t get bitten by a snake. Try not to die. Make a fire. Reach point B today.   These are simple tasks, the ones we have in common with our ancestors. They are not: reply to FB message, pay tax bill or book vacation rental.

I first read about Appalachian Trail in this Bill Bryson book, which was hilarious, later in this Kingsolver novel, this childrens book given to us by Hilary and most recently , I picked up the 1972 National Geographic Society book at my local coffee shop.

I love reading these books before bedtime. They lull me with the sense that,  outside the dirty baseboards, the unanswered emails and the daycamp registration deadlines, there is a place where none of this stuff matters. There is a place where your mind is empty, your feet are broken and your fire is quietly burning.

I dare you to read this and not want to come with me.



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