Get It Done: Spring Sewing

I sewed up a tablecloth and table runner last week… it had been awhile since I’d pulled out The Beast, as I call her. She’s a 1974 Singer Stylist and while, she may have her flaws, she’s a real workhorse.

The weather is shifting, and I’m really tired of my winterized wardrobe.  It’s time for some new items! I got inspired a few days ago when I spotted that Sarai from Colette Patterns  was having a contest over on her blog and I love the fabric she used for one of the demos of the Laurel Dress.  As happens, that discovery led me down a vortex of new sewing projects. Time for a new Sewn To Do List! And we all know that I love lists.

{Madeleine Skirt by Victory Patterns}

new sewing patterns

{ Skinny Jeans: Sew Liberated}

Darling Range Dress: Meghan Nielson Patterns


Laurel Dress by Colette Patterns

What about you guys, do you have any projects on your Spring To Do List?


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