Weekend Recap: Rarities


{sasek illustration}

I felt crappy last week, you know that semi negative head space, the kind that you can shake off relatively quickly when you need to, but lingers for awhile when you’re alone aging? The one that makes the everyday stuff a bit harder to deal with? Yeah, that one. I can count on at least one week per hormonal cycle like that. I try to keep my head above it, but since I’m not really forthright about it,  I have a hard time juggling my social interactions when I’m there. And then the guilt sets in and then I dwell on it for way too long. When I finally push myself back up to the surface, I’m fine again and I don’t even remember what triggered the whole thing.

So the lead in to the weekend wasn’t all that great- I double booked myself on Friday and missed an appointment (dread and guilt immediately set it) and then I booked an expensive for nothing hair appointment (repeat dread and guilt- but at least my hair was pretty). I slapped on this lipstick (yes, I am too old for this color) and headed out for drinks with new-ish friends from the elementary school and the doom and gloom started to fade.

Goes to show, how far a blow dry and new make up can go, right?

There are certain weekends that feel repetitive, others feel hectic, some are downright shitty and then there are the ones that are the exception to the norm. This was the case this weekend, a rare case of productivity, fun, family time with limited yelling and barely any passive aggression.  Strange but true.

Weekend Highlights:

  • setting off on family grocery adventure and finding a new to us library
  • getting a sleep in. Like a real one, till 11.
  • meal planning with my favorite neighbor
  • falling asleep on the couch, watching this
  • discussing the “can women have it all” argument with some fresh insight, Sarah is always good for that!
  • taking all three to the pool with Mateo’s oldest friend Jazzy and loving our hood for the walking proximity of kid infrastructure stuff
  • putting away all winter stuff- yup, all of it
  • writing up lists of summer/spring family needs- crocs, sunhats and the likes
  • squeezing in an hour with a stack of Marthas from the library
  • feeling close and connected to B
  • laying out another amazing Make Your Own BLT night!
  • looking forward to making a few hours for myself so I can write here
  • despising bed time since the migration of Pia into the boys’ room
  • fearing Pia and her comically defiant attitude

Have a great week!




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