Birthday Wishes

I am 34 today.

And over the course of the last few weeks I have revisited the Happiness Project, as a method to get me out of a negative and anxious head space.   It got me thinking about the things I believe make me happy and  the things that make me no so happy. I’ve drafted a list of things that I would like to stay in tune with over the next year:

  • Keep on saying hello to strangers, even when I’m feeling grumpy
  • Stop looking for outside validation
  • Stay off social media on weekends
  • No barking at the kids
  • Date night once a month (even if it’s just a quick coffee)
  • Do the dishes right after breakfast
  • No judgy
  • No rushing
  • Keep up with the grooming
  • Believe that everything is fine until someone says it isn’t
  • Only eat after 8pm twice a week (come on, it’s more realistic this way!)

And now I promise to not use this space as a personal self-help station.

Onto pretty and funny things!


2 thoughts on “Birthday Wishes

  1. Love that list! No, please keep using it as a self-help station! You help others (me) who are thinking the exact same things! It’s validation that we (I) am not alone in my thoughts. 😉 Someone once told me to write a list down of things that drain you and things that are ‘gains.’ I found it interesting to see all the things I do on a daily basis that ‘drain’ me.
    ps. I am jealous – I wish I was 34 again! 😉

  2. 34… You are so young!!! How I miss you 34! So happy to have had a chance to spend time with you on your day! Luvs!

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