Find of The Week: This Wallpaper


It shouldn’t be a surprise that creative celeb wallpaper company Hygge & West snatched up a Lisa Congdon project! This San Francisco based artist who also has an upcoming fabric collection with our gal pals over at Cloud9 Fabrics. Incidently, she is also the sister of Stephanie Congdon Barnes- the one half of the 3191 project. If you’ve never heard of it, they were the pioneers of the half eaten bowl of oatmeal photos- 7 years ago.

Lisa is also the author of a few books published by Uppercase- good things come from Uppercase, and Lisa’s books are no exception. A Collection A Year takes you through her personal and drawn collection of various things. It’s pretty amazing to see.

She has this fantastic Nordic inspired collection of prints and paintings that are so perfectly suited for my taste.

So yeah, she’s not new to me, but I love her work and the more I share it, the closer I get to owning it, right? Shop here.


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