The Best Ever: Hot Dogs

Chilean style hot dogs- with chopped up tomates, avocado, cilantro and for most others, mayonnaise. That’s what we had for lunch this weekend on Saturday, and to be perfectly honest, it’s one of my favorite weekend lunches.

Toasted with ketchup is how I take my regular old hot dogs though. As for best hot dog in town? It’s a real toss up between Paul Patates and the Orange Julep, at least in my books.

{chaud dogs}

Until Chaud Dogs hits the streets, maybe? This gourmet hot dog food truck, led by Jonathan Cheung from Appetite for Books and Marc D’Aigle from APDC  are hosting a special event on Saturday, you can get the details here. And hopefully get your hot dog cravings quenched in a less shameful way than before!

In the meantime, fire up that bbq and let’s remember that hot dogs are the Best! Ever.


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