The Best Ever: Nuxe

I got a bottle of this last year for my birthday. It was a gift from my own personal beauty consultant Justine. If you’ve never met her, just picture the best skin ever, on a saucy brunette with impeccable taste. That’ll be her.

She gave me this bottle almost exactly a year ago. And despite my full conviction in her product recommendations (this woman knows her stuff)  I felt nervous about slathering OIL onto my face.  Have I, in the past, used olive oil in lieu of tanning oil? Perhaps… Have I maybe gotten slightly wiser with my prolific grays? Absolutely. This gal, with a history of acne, wasn’t too convinced.

So I spent months conservatively applying it to my lips and eyelids. Using it on my cuticles and hair tips- it smelt niiiiiiiice.  But one night this spring, I decided to take the leap and slather it on.  I fell asleep to the vision of oily and sebaceous pores.

To my delighted surprise, I woke up with smooth, even toned skin.

Oil on Face :1

Me: 0

Since then, I religiously apply it at night and I can’t get enough. I’ve NEVER had skin this smooth and clear. And I feel like I’ll never need another skin product ever.

Solving these kinds of issues is nice, isn’t it?


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