Weekend Recap: Whirlwind




  • Re-reading this post and asking myself some tough questions about my participation in social media.  Wondering about the differences between this space, my FB feed and my Twitter feed. What would happen if I turned it all off? More on this later…
  • Eating outside, with friends, raising hell with the neighbours and polishing off a half bottle of Campari? Nice work.
  • Getting the groceries done in 45 minutes flat! WOOT!
  • Checking out this open house…
  • Sipping a cappuccino on a terrace with Pia and B while the boys had a neighborhood playdate- I’m loving the benefits of a neighborhood school
  • Acknowledging that I love cooking again- after a loooooong hiatus
  • Playing soccer with the kids after supper. The treat of the weekend. It’s weird to think back to a time when they weren’t around.
  • Visiting our garden plot!
  • Giggling at this (thanks for that Cara! It totally made my Friday- and was a solid reflection of me on Saturday!)
  • Cracking out these glasses and threatening quadruple homicide if ANYTHING were to happen to them. (Like the oil, I feel like these are The Perfect Glass. Now to buy myself 2 every six months for a perfect set!)

One thought on “Weekend Recap: Whirlwind

  1. omg, gorgeous house – more reason to look more west! The prices are through the roof crazy now though in NDG…
    ps. I am hoping you keep the blog, if you reduce your social media participation 🙂

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