The Best Ever: Roasted Broccoli

Since mid April I’ve been trying to attack the lingering pounds left over from the pregnancies and let’s face it- years of inactivity. Unless you count lighting cigarettes, walking in heels and pouring wine exercise. I’ve also been concerned with the lack of control I have when faced with trigger foods such as bread and chips. No one needs to eat 3 bagels, or at least, very few people can afford to.

Anyhow, I’ve been using My Fitness Pal as a tool to help me track my eating and physical activity.

It’s been eye opening to say the least! Who knew fruit had so much sugar?? Who knew that my gorgeous fat pork chop is actually TWO portions of meat and not one. The list goes on.

I also have a hard time cooking in between seasons- and since we’ve had this unusual burst of heat, we’ve been BBQing alot, which I love, but I get tired of the same grilled veggies. Years ago, Aimee, then from Under The High Chair and now from Simple Bites,  had posted a roasted broccoli recipe that I’d always wanted to try, but was far too chicken to face. I heard swoons of delight from Cara who made it at least every other week, but I guess I was too much of a wuss to risk an entire head of broccoli on something I might not like.

Hesitant? Me? Never.


Whatever, I finally tried it- 4 years later and LOVED it! I had it over quinoa and it got the job DONE. Healthy and filling.


2 thoughts on “The Best Ever: Roasted Broccoli

  1. As you know, I used MyFitnessPal during and post-pregnancy with Baby #2, it really made me understand better about portion size and “healthy snacks” which just add up so quickly. I always wondered why I wasn’t losing those last ten pounds when I was running and I realize that the amount of food I was consuming to make up for the calorie burn was not effective. One of the most useful apps ever.

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