Weekend Recap: Looooooong

As you know, Bruno has been out of town,and so the kids were very excited to have him back on Friday. For Pia, it’s like she rediscovered a part of herself that had been lost- and she made it a point to stay physically glued to him.

The return of papa meant later nights, more piggy backs, a couch companion and some muscle to help us plant the garden. We’re all happy to have him back, despite the usual choppy re-entry into family routine. Regardless, it was nice that his weekend back was an extended one.

I love these long weekends for that extra day, the one you end up using in a way that you can never use a normal Sunday or Saturday.

All weekends should be long, no?


Taking the long road (apparently along with the rest of western montrealers) en route to Atwater market. Annuals for the flower boxes and vegetables for the garden plot. I never got my act together to start my seedlings, so I caved and bought little plants.

Booking appointments: buying tickets, booking a haircut, booking events for myself that have an end goal. I remember when Annabelle bought the tickets for Smitten’s book signing- it was something I would have never done. Oh, we don’t have the money to frivolously spend on things like that, but you know what? I had such a great day and still have such fond memories of that event that hell yeah, I’m going to start doing stuff like that more often… like the event I went to on Friday night…

Attending this workshop:


photo credit: Julie André

And learning all about vegetable dyes and dyeing technique, in the most amazing setting.

Cleaning out my cutlery drawers, pantry closet, re-organizing the catch all cabinets and drawers of the kitchen- mainly because they felt so disorganized that I couldn’t function without them cleaned.

Cooking up a storm using my new organized tools and compartments, making a mental list of the little additions that would make things run even smoother- read, offset spatula.  Baking this, cooking this and watching B make the best ribs I’ve ever eaten. Rediscovering this food blog as I went along (I really want to try those sweet potato & black bean burgers!).

We have a packed up week ahead, I’m trying not let myself get overwhelmed by all the little things (eye doctor for the kids, two client meetings, my classes at Dawson, plus Soccer meetings, buy a birthday present, birthday invites for M’s first kid party, running clinic and if I get around to it…. maybe a manicure?). Sure, it’s not 18 hours plowing a field or anything, but on top of the regular getthekidstoschoolcookeverymeal and dolaundryeverydayrememertocallmymotherandreturnemails, I have a tendency of feeling fried!

Have a great week!




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