Find of The Week: Montreal Digs

I have what I call a 7th sense. It grabs me every once in a while and pushes me to a local thrift store. The feeling is that one of pending discovery or score. It doesn’t happen often, and trust me, I’ve willed it to happen MANY times without any decent yield, so it’s a finicky gift that you can’t really rely on, but it has served me well.

My lovely neighbor Dominique passed on this gem of a website, selling it as a place where the best furniture and decor items of the island are reunited.  Montreal Digs is run by Jennifer- someone who loves Craigslist and Kijiji so much, that she curates the best pieces and ranks them in order of APPEAL, DEAL, STEAL, ARE YOU FOR REAL.

I mean, it’s genius. I remember looking for furniture when we were setting up shop, but it’s a dizzying task to scroll through all those ads and terrible photos. Thankfully, we never have to do that again! All you need is some quick instincts, and a good re-upholsterer!

Have fun surfing!


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