Weekend Recap: Birthdaypalooza

Did you know that I lived in under 900 square feet?

Did you know that I had 12 children tie dying tee shirts INSIDE?

Clearly, the weather gods were not on my side this weekend.

Tie dye 3

Nope, on the weekend that we chose to FINALLY host Mateo’s first ever friend-only birthday party. It rained. And we froze our asses off. It did not, however, deter us from Potato Sack Races and muddy Soccer Tournaments. No, I think we set the bar at what type of party the Villedary/Garbarinos throw: it’s a sendthekidswithachangeofclothes kind of party.

Also, see all that dye pooling under the plastic? Yeah, that wound up everywhere. The white benches, the kitchen cabinets, Pia’s entire body, clothing and all my kitchen rags. Also, my hands.


It wasn’t a big hit.

Rather, it was an ENORMOUS hit.

Gotcha…. That’s right, I’m gonna get smug about it!

Tie Dye

Did I swear through gritted teeth throughout the whole ordeal? Absolutely. Do I recommend you to do this at home? As long as you don’t give a shit about your stuff- one hundred percent!

I bought a mega kit from Michaels and some Fruit of the Loom tee shirts from Walmart (China who?). It wasn’t a cheap party by any means, but it was the first and despite the crappy dollar store streamers (man those things suck), Mateo was tickled pink to have a house full of dancing, charading and hide n’seek playing friends.

It’s not always easy inviting people into our home for the first time. I often feel the need to apologize for how small it is, or for the linoleum floors, but what I learned that day, is that we all have stuff we’re shy about truly revealing.

Tie Dye 2

Have a great week !



2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap: Birthdaypalooza

  1. sounds amazing! You are a brave woman! I could not handle the dye on white kitchen cabinets!
    ps…. your images don’t seem to be loading (?)

  2. How did you tie dye so quickly? The set we did had to be left for 6 hours before washing! And, the kids look clean in the 3rd image. How is that possible after a party with such a craft? You are a better mama than we. I’m moving the party outta my place!

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