The Best Ever: Bengali Spice

Bengal Spice Herbal Tea

Most of you know me as a latte slugging kinda gal… and for good reason. At my prime, 4 lattes in a day was not unheard of, and was often the  cause (and cure) of my afternoon social media meltdowns at the shop.

I’ve made some changes recently,  one of them has been to curve my caffeine intake to about 1 or 2 a day.  It’s been about 2 months now, and I can proudly say that I can now go a full day without caffeine. First world problems, I know.

They serve this tea at Moksha. And while I love the classes, and the ambiance, my favorite part of the whole yoga routine is drinking the complementary tea in the shower. It’s spicy and sweet and really hits the spot, specially when you’re rinsing off 60 minutes of sweat and grime.

Purchasing this for home had NEVER crossed my mind, but when Cara started singing the praises and claiming that it helped curve food cravings, I drove instantly to the super market and bought two boxes. Heck, this girl needs some help once in a while.

Guys, this is a miracle tea. And unlike KALE and amaranth seeds (barf)  this actually tastes good! I think it might be the strong sweetness and spice, or maybe it’s my naivete and the fact that I’ve made that mental connection, but really, who cares. Alls I knows, is that when I drink this, I don’t want chips and beer. The end.

I ran out of my dear BS on the day of the insane birthday party held indoors because the universe loathes me. I drove myself crazy trying to locate some- I went as far as trying three stores until I settled on another brand’s cinnamon option. Only to be thoroughly disappointed.

Bengali Spice, you had me at Namaste….

(oh gawd,  that’s a lame ending- but I’ve got nothing better, so it stays)


3 thoughts on “The Best Ever: Bengali Spice

  1. I never thought of having it in the shower! Love that idea! I have not taken a shower there yet…
    Where did you buy it??

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