Weekend Recap: Extremes

I did something this weekend that I haven’t done in a long time.  After an anger fueled swim ( nothing like laps to forget a morning filled with complaining, swim lessons and a mild hangover), I bought a magazine, left my phone in the car and headed for a cafe, where I promptly ordered a cappuccino and sat. Alone. With no distractions.

It’s funny because without a full time job, one would assume that I would have plenty of opportunities to do this during the week- but to be honest, I can’t ever justify doing that. The guilt alone would force me to maniacally have the coffee, answer emails, research client proposals all while thinking about the next supper, or thing I have to remember to get for _____ ‘s birthday, dinner, school project, etc. Not to mention the erratic house work I do- sauteing while vacuuming, while doing a pilates dvd- it’s quite something to see me in action. That’s how I feel productive and accomplished- striking a whole bunch of things off at once. Forget about the fact that they’re all half-assed. Shhhh… it’s a big ol’ secret that I am Jack of All, Master of None… don’t blow my cover.

So for the first time in a while, I felt like I had permission to take that 45 minutes off and do something I enjoy, without any of the other noise that surrounds me during the week. No nagging doubts or to-do lists add ons. Nothing, just me and the terrace. And it was most importantly quiet.

Being creative with some ladies on Friday- working on the above lady friend for Pia’s birthday present…

Harvesting our first strawberries

Hosting a completely impromptu evening picnic party

Running in the rain

Winning everyone over with this recipe

Deciding to start over and let go of my self-imposed stresses

Loving the lack of tv in my life these days

Getting ready for this DIY

Discovering this pool

Starting the closing week of our birthday bonanzas… Pia turns THREE on Sunday.

Have a great week! xoe


One thought on “Weekend Recap: Extremes

  1. I would encourage you to have more guilt-free cappuccino alone time, during the week!… Book it in your schedule! That’s important time!! Or book a facial on the weekend, like I did – a solution to being on the edge of serious burnout mode. I have a wonderful lady that has her own spot on St. Denis, very reasonable! I fall asleep every time – 90 min of bliss!

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