Weekend Recap: Tail End

I left my grocery bags in the parking lot today. And tonight is the night where we have the pleasure to attend to a swimming lesson and two soccer practices. And dinner you ask? Chicken nuggets and green beans.

Yes, it’s mid june. And the homework? Although we don’t have any left as of this week- I’ve been slacking- big time.

And then I wrote a big ass post and then WordPress lost it!


Anyways, it went something like blah blah… Pia ia great… blah blah… such a wonderful surprise in a tumultuous period in our lives… blah blah.

At least she can’t read yet….

Eating, Laughing, Drinking, Singing with The Girls

Still ogling these shoes- damn you K!

Using these recipes as my go-to birthday cake cakes

Finishing this book up, now only to find that I’ve YET AGAIN lost my library card

Loving this magazine and dreaming of a more container oriented fridge with loads of  cooked grains and fresh toppings for healthy lunches and dinners

Loving my beachy DIY hair spray

Planting last minute add ons to the garden, meeting my garden neighbours and trying not to notice the old ladies scolding us for bringing the kids into the garden

Have a great week!



3 thoughts on “Weekend Recap: Tail End

  1. I can’t believe you have to do soccer and swimming IN THIS RAIN. If it makes you feel any better, we’ve been doing homework at our household 1-2 a week for the last month. Ella has been learning the science of cramming. Also, HAPPY THREE TO THE GIRL! Wow. There’s a big glass(bottle) of wine waiting for you at the end of this week. xo

  2. Someday, if you find that you have grown abnormally large feet, you are welcome to borrow the jungle flats.
    Also, I dream that my refrigerator is the Whole Foods salad bar. BEST.

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