Find of the Week: Chez Snips

What could be more inviting?

A crowded salon with a million people, snooty clients and some meaningless chit chat with an exhausted hairdresser?


Meet Nadyne.

As she opened the door to her St-Denis home studio, I saw before me a taller and blonder hybrid of my sister + my friend Stefania, smiling and inviting me in.

I was immediately sold. Hairdresser for life.

The whole experience was a glorious treat, the clean quirky space, the great conversation and the bang on haircut- nothing fancy, but just something easy. We spent a good time chatting about where we were in our lives, how we got there and what’s next.

After years of trolling all the hair salons of Montreal, I am happy to announce that I have to look no further!

You can read all about her and her space over here.


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