Summer Jaunt to Ottawa

I just got back from a wonderful solo adventure to Ottawa.

Sans kids.

Sans husband.

Still reading? I don’t want any of you throwing your computers across the room

Let’s preface this by saying that we’ve a rather BUSY summer so far! Bruno was away quite a bit and with the onslaught of soccer on our weeknights, it’s felt full and jam packed!

I had planned awhile back to visit two girlfriends in Ottawa and the timing couldn’t have been better- right on the tail end of B’s trips. Parenting solo is so much easier now that the kids are older, but it still wears on you- specially in the evenings. And at the end of an ant infestation… any distraction, was really welcomed!

So I hit the road for Ottawa with the rightful feeling that I deserved this mini break.

Restful does not even start to describe how amazing and calming this jaunt was. I spent one day doing city stuff with a friend from design school, getting pedis, shopping at the St-Vincent De Paul and then having a wonderful BBQ with some Ottawa girls. Day Two? Run in the morning, quick conference call with a client, and hike around Pink Lake in Gatineau Park. Followed by a quick shower, a trip to Parkdale Market and off to Almonte- aka, the most adorable village in the world. Talk about small business heaven! Places like this and this? Made me want to pack up the kids and move there! Later in the night, we had a wonderful meal with some great friends.

I love discovering neighborhoods and learning about the best spots, finding shops like this one (made me SO nostalgic!!) and getting the ins on the best butchers and Italian Hardware stores…

I don’t travel enough, and I have such big destinations on my travel wish lists, that sometimes the little destinations get overlooked.

New resolution? Take 2 days all by myself and take a mini trip alone somewhere!




2 thoughts on “Summer Jaunt to Ottawa

  1. *Exhale*… finally… you are back. not sure I can deal with you gone for that long… not responding to the question about family in that last email either… sometimes we just need to leave the family… far…far… away… from… us… and by family I mean the one I was born into and not the one I created… pass me the wine!? i’m due for a refill….

    miss u

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