Longest Recap Ever: Connect, Reconnect, Disconnect

As the three of you have noticed- and been vocal about-  I’ve taken a mini break from blogging for the summer! The plan is to be back with the usual 3 posts/week in September!

In the meantime, I’m carving out a few hours today to write posts that I’ll publish for the coming weeks, I should be packing, but this post goes out to Justine and Cara. Please know that if I end up forgetting to pack underwear, I will hold Cara responsible… 😉

DISCLAIMER: I am not proof reading this.. go on, judge me.

I feel like this summer is being ruled by our calendar- not that there’s anything wrong with that, but the logistics involved in camp, daycare, soccer, work trips, my freelance work and vacation is… um… complicated.

I’m not complaining. NOT COMPLAINING. Mainly because I’ve read this article, I’ve been more conscious about this “busy-ness” business we all speak of, the how douchy I sound when I complain about being busy.

We’ve been busy with great things, like a wedding in Toronto that B and will attend without kids, like my trip to Ottawa, or my garden duties! Despite everything on the calendar, what strikes me the most about this summer is how much I’ve been enjoying the acts of connecting, reconnecting and disconnecting.

CONNECT: As some of you know, I’ve slowly been returning to interior design, and for one reason or another , the projects that I’ve been working on have taken on greater scopes and have demanded a much greater time involvement than I had ever planned. If you had told me 6 months ago when we closed the shop, that I’d be juggling 4 design projects, I would have sworn to you that I’d rather die than do that.

And here I am now, with most of my weekdays filled with work related meetings, errands and research. Crazy.

This work has given me the chance to connect to new elements and people in my life, and I’m really enjoying it. I feel the time I spent in the shop helped me mature as a business person, and I’m already seeing the benefits of that in my current work.

RECONNECT: This is a funny one, but through a series of events, I’ve felt reconnected to certain elements in my life. Like the garden. I’ve come to the conclusion that gardening is the new sewing for me. It fills the same void- that need to zone out ad focus on a project that requires all my attention. And as a reward, it gives me bags full of fragrant produce and veggies to fill my dinner table. In fact, on my return from Ottawa, it was the first place I went, even before heading home.

Reconnecting to my relationship too- B and I have had some great moments this summer.   I’m more conscious than ever that despite what happens in our lives, everything relies on our relationship, and that, like in the garden, there are lots of little things that need attention.

DISCONNECT: So far this summer, I’ve seemed to accomplish a nice balance between work and kids. Mateo went to Montreal West Summer camp for July (highly recommend btw), and we’ve had great days at home with everyone out of daycare. I’ve also been good about forging through work in order to not be distracted when I’m with them.  I list this under “disconnect” because for the first time in ages, the time I spend with the kids is time where I try to disconnect from everything else.  For so many years I felt like there were always more important things that needed my attention, but I’m realizing now that there aren’t. The kids are the ones that need the attention. That means there’s been very little computer (outside of work), very little phone and texting and even less TV. I make a point of keeping my phone tucked in my purse while we’re at the park or the pool, that way I’m not as frazzled and disjointed and I would be otherwise. In my close to 40 years, I find myself more and more sensitive to outside stimulation.

Since I’ve vowed to not proof read, I hope this doesn’t come off as smug and righteous! Obviously there’s a tonne of things that I’m not doing:  I

  • I’m not being as social or available to my friends
  • haven’t spent time in Knowlton
  • haven’t exercised as much as I’d like
  • haven’t been berry picking
  • haven’t gone to the beach
  • haven’t grown out my effing bangs
  • hell- I haven’t even been to thread my beard brows
  • haven’t registered my business
  • haven’t painted the bathroom
  • haven’t seen the fireworks
  • haven’t blogged…

Despite all the things I haven’t done, I no longer feel deep rooted anxiety about my to-do list and my shortcomings. And that’s a pretty big accomplishment for me… you should see my cuticles… not one chewed up bit of flesh!


7 thoughts on “Longest Recap Ever: Connect, Reconnect, Disconnect

  1. I have noticed your absence here – but I am happy that I have been able to enjoy seeing you in person! 🙂 It’s been great working with you on our project – I am super impressed with all that you have brought to it so far!
    I wish I could get the same point as you, the deep rooted anxiety about my to-do list and my shortcomings is there on a daily basis… !


    1. You know, today, I kind of feel like I went completely backwards from this post! So it all goes to say that we have to take it day by day? And it’s been such a great opportunity to dive back into this world of interiors with you! Xo

      1. Pants are essential! You can walk around without your undies and no one will know the difference but people seem to notice when you walk around sans pants…


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