Find of the Week: Archer Hard Goods

You know I love me a good indie business. Even better when I know the people involved and I genuinely love the goods they hawk. From the bustling creative minds of a husband and wife team, who I met in design school,  Archer Hard Goods (killer name and branding btw) aims to purvey end users with goods that meet the “this is the best _______ ever made” standard. Beit a whistle, a dishtowel or a pencil, this is the kind of stuff that you buy once, you take care of, and you never need to replace.

{pencil, glasses, whisks, comb}

Now, you KNOW I need a good comb! And I’m always looking for a good pencil, and I’m thinking if I finally shell out over $20 on one, I’ll be less likely to loose it, yes? And the glasses? The kids have been drinking out of mason jars for long enough… that glassware can endure many o drops on the floor.

You can read more about them here, call to schedule a visit in their El Pro Loft location or follow them on Instagram! 


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