Summer Recap : Wonderful

We’re back! Sadly, I don’t have many photos of my summer, decided to pocket the phone for awhile and live in the moment (barf) rather than through a lens.

Most things took a back seat in August, as we knew it would. We filled up our weeks and weekends, with a few days of rest in between and what resulted was that familiar feeling that we all have: that of time standing still and simultaneously flying past us. I listened to a Quirks & Quarks about the relationship of memory and time, and how time feels slower when we create new memories. And this summer, I created so many new memories that I feel like August lasted forever.

Summer Lessons

Yelling, even if it’s polite words, is still agressive

Including the kids in planning, packing and unpacking is harder, but easier in the long run

Piece of mind can be bought in a $14 magazine , specially when it yields a month of meal plans

Defining a family manifesto can help you focus on the good when it’s not necessarily obvious

Don’t pick at mosquito bites

Taking a month off of exercising and conscious eating isn’t all that bad, right?

Campari is best with soda and a splash of blood orange

Upper thighs need sunscreen too

Little frogs don’t live long when kept out of water

Radio is by far the best medium ever

Cochonet will be back on track as soon as I get these kids back in school!


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