Living in Yellows

Juliana Concept Board final-page-001

If I can be honest, I’ll tell you that yellow just isn’t my thing. I get the appeal, I get the cheeriness of it all.  Having lived in too many ill colored yellow rooms though, I can tell you that it can be  a grating color on the eyes.

Meeting with a client who is already set on a color is not all that easy, specially when it would not have been a color I would normally gravitate to. However, some things cannot be disputed: the client wanted to brighten and liven up her GORGEOUS NDG home and wanted something a little more cheerful than the grey that her previous designer had recommended. Ain’t no better color to do that than yellow!

Hopefully she likes the yellow I’ve recommended { Lemon Sorbet 2019-69 Benjamin Moore } as an accent color for a focal wall, and the color of her home office.  I think even just removing the shutters and the blinds will instantly make the room feel brighter.

Goes to show,


That even when your house looks like it comes from a magazine, it doesn’t mean it feels like home!


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