Working In


This post could go in so many directions.

It could be a funny post, self-deprecating post about balancing life and kids and work and exercise and family and friends and being good or just plain failing at everything.

It could be a recap post with some latest pictures of the family and life, you know, like an  Instagram collage of sorts.

It could also be about trying to get back into the groove of exercising and how to not trigger my inner control freak {insert funny story about splitting my LuluLemon Pants here}

It could be a post about life, one year after the shop, and how I’m probably more emotional now than I was when we closed it all up.  And how much I miss that community, and sewing?!!? I miss sewing SO MUCH!!

Or it could be a list of my favorite current recipes {but really, you HAVE to make this soup}

It could be a post about my new business and all the wonderful things I’ve seen, the great people I’ve met and the awe inspiring things I’ve been able to build.

It could also be a post about a recent spiral of anxiety and feelings of angst that lasted (maybe even still currently lasting) much looooooooonger than I would have liked and how it cause me to shut in a little and Cry. All. The.Time.

Or it might about Christmas and Advent Calendar Crafts, about my giving list and balancing a holiday budget and how fun/crazy it is to make stuff during the holidays….

It could also be about Pia and how much she’s grown up in the last few months, and how absolutely hilariously crazy and wonderful and crazy she’s become. Have I mentioned she’s crazy?

Or it could be about our renewed idea of moving to the country and having some space to breathe and some nature to soak up.

But it’s most likely going to be about nothing.

It’s been tough over here, this is a lie-free space. But that doesn’t mean that it will be tough forever.

It just means that I have some working in to do…




7 thoughts on “Working In

  1. (* I thought I had posted a comment earlier today…)
    Yeah! New post! I hope you find some calm around the holidays. You amaze me with all you can do and do so well!!
    Thank you for making my house feel more like a home! I am so lucky to have had the priviledge to work with you! It all seems to have happened at just the right time…
    I honestly can’t thank you enough for your wonderfulness! xx

    1. What are we going to do when it’s all over?!? I can’t tell you how important this project has been for me… in so many ways and I’m glad that through the dust and the mismatched tiles, we can find a spot of cozy in some turbulent times!

      1. well… you know the downstairs bathroom still needs some love (mirror, cabinets, baskets??). The back room needs a whole lot of love (my feng shui friend keeps telling me that it is very important room in the house!). AND the front entrance/hallway ?? The list is endless… I just might need a bit of break from the dusk and problem solving until spring! 😉

  2. You’re back! I missed the Cochonet! You just echoed my thoughts exactly….things are tough right now…but not necessarily tough forever. xoxo

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