Weekend Recap: Festive

Putting up the tree
Writing myself a letter
Sipping coffee with Pia at Melk
Looking forward to my mom coming in to town
Looking less forward to a ped day smack dab in the week
Working on organizing my Christmas list
Eating some delicious Mama Rosa Pizza
Dreading the week ahead

Indulging in All Christmas All The Time Music
Psyching myself for this carpet arrival
Hatching up some summer plans!
Celebrating a new contract! Bathrooms here we come!


2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap: Festive

  1. I can’t seem to comment on your most recent post!!

    I love black, it’s mostly all I wear! I don’t know why it scares me on ‘my’ walls! I love it when I see other people have it on their walls! I wish I could be more daring… baby steps…

    I can’t imagine my entire bedroom as black – I would feel like it might lead to a serious depression (??)

    If the entrance is to be black, well then I definitely made a mistake getting the black coat rack (??) But black would look great with the tiles there now…
    I will wait for your concept/drawing board! 🙂

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