Crafting a Pattern


Every year we try to make a family gift… Something that we all work on and can offer as a token of our gratitude for the members of our community- people we see on a daily basis and those that we may only get to see a few times a year.

For some reason, it’s important that it be handmade. Herein lies the flaw of my project: I always kinda freak out when the kids get overly involved….
Why? Maybe because I can’t control the end product. See, not only do I want it to be handmade by us, I also want it to look perfectly handmade… You know trying to toe the fine line between quirky imperfection and sloppy craftsmanship.

Hard to do when you’ve got 3 pairs of hands that are VERY excited to use paint pens and clay tools. The outcome? Some far from perfect tokens!

I embrace a lot of imperfection from myself- you should see the backsides of any of my embroidery projects, or the unfinished edges of my advent calendar. Those I can handle because they’re for me!

Weird how we have standards for ourselves and standards for others….

I started this giving project partly because if its values, partly because it gives me a creative outlet. And as a result, it’s something that I want the kids to be exposed to. So I have to let go of the finished object (SO DAMN HARD). Right?
I have to focus on the process , RIGHT?
I have to remember that it’s more important to try and make something largely imperfect than to control it and make it all myself, RIGHT???

Ok, good! I feel much better now!


One thought on “Crafting a Pattern

  1. How did these slip in without me taking notice till today! Glad the yellow is over and I totally agree with Blk & White!

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