Updates from Garbarino Acres (a working title)

Well, it’s been quite the week over here. 4 trips back to Montreal, a budding cold and a weekend away planned alone with the kids. I’m tired just thinking about it.

What I’d really like is a horse drawn carriage. A time travel vortex to take me back,  say, 100 years ago. When I could worry about the wood heating my house, the health of my animals and whether or not the spring would be too wet for our crops to do well.

That would be swell.


See, I’m still transitioning from our major lifestyle switch. Going from 5 people in 900 square foot condo to acreage life in a 1850 farmhouse on the Rigaud river? It’s humbling and brave and ridiculous all at the same time. We picked up the kids, switched schools mid year and embarked on a life altering adventure that has highlights and low low lights. Key players in this story are  the barn cats, the frigid locals and this house.  A house that has more wallpaper than your local Home Depot.

Will the property ever look like a Dwell meets Modern Farmer meets Design*Sponge? Probably not.

Will someone injure themselves falling out of the less-than-code-compliant hayloft? Most definitely.

Will I ever tire from seeing sunrise and set in the same horizon? Never.

Will I make friends other than the gas station attendant? Stay tuned.

Will anyone other than my 5 closest friends read this? Highly unlikely.



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