Ears and Eyes

Fact: when I lived alone during art school, I played the movie Clueless (play, stop, rewind, repeat) for hours on end, just to keep me company.

Fact: in high school, I watched the animated Beetlejuice that aired on MuchMusic, every day. Before and after school. Regardless of the fact that it was the same episode.

Fact: when I’m fuming with anger, the only thing I can do is throw myself on the bed and crack open a novel.

Fact: being alone and quiet is a real challenge for me. The need to fill space (be it right or wrong) is strong. The radio is always on. The chime of the CBC hourly news rings comforting among the sounds of the house. It reminds me that despite the silence, I am not alone. Don’t get me wrong, I consider myself quite independent. I can do alone quite easily.


But Silence? I’d rather jump into oncoming traffic. Or listen to a Mariah Carey interview.

The need to fill my senses with stories that take me away, well it’s just too strong to resist. The only times I can face it is a) in the pool and b) in the garden. But let me tell you, the fear of that silence has stopped me from swimming many times before.

So maybe this is a systemic shift, that we are all experiencing, maybe it’s my own stuff. Regardless, these couple of pieces have definitely gotten my attention and held it for more than 140 characters.




Start Up


The Orenda

Oscar Wao


I”m taking suggestions for books and more podcasts if you’ve got something that you absolutely love! please share!


5 thoughts on “Ears and Eyes

  1. Well first: HELLOOOOO!
    Second, podcast recommendations: Strangers with Lea Thau; Death, Sex and Money; are general go-tos of mine, I also like the Reply All spinoff from Startup for a quick anecdote of lesser known web activities!
    Third, books: “Tiny Beautiful Things” (Cheryl Strayed) and “Girl on the Train” were easy unputdownable reads that I got through in one sitting (pretty much)… and I have a lot more but those are my most recent!

    1. helllooooooo- it’s weird to be back, but at the same time so familiar? Where did your post about being phone-less go??
      I’m going to add those 2 books to my lists ASAP. You should listen to the first episode of Invisibilia- it’s all about fear and touches on parental fear. It’s pretty great.

  2. “The Art of Hearing Heartbeats” and ” The Rules of Civility” are the books that I’ve enjoyed the most in the past year.

    I’m going to order Girl on a Train right now as I’ve only heard good things.

    Love your posts!

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