Daily Vintage Oddities Owned by Me: Day 1 (A Working Title)

I have been addicted to the thrill of vintage shopping since I was a little girl, watching my mother elegantly negotiate at markets and sniffing out deals at fabric stores.

Thrifting feeds both the process and the end goal. It fuels the need for challenge, it hones your shopping instincts and it yields highly curious and invaluable (most of the time) objects.  See, when you hunt for things, they will  most likely stay in your home longer than something purchased from an out-of-the-container store. This is not a fact, simply my own experience.

And there are other benefits too.. nevermind the fact that nobody else will own the same piece, but you’re also supporting an alternative economy. One that states that maybe we need to stop filling those shipping containers with fast fashion, fast decor and fast beauty. Maybe we need to prize craftsmanship over the bottom line, value the original over the mass produced, and maybe we need to realize that ownership is, above all, an expression of individuality and consciousness.

I’m launching a mini project that will feature a daily object owned by me. The object can be handmade or second hand and I encourage you to share your own valued treasures over on Instagram using the hashtag #dailyvintage and writing a brief description of the object (price, providence, date of purchase if you have it). I will be sharing my objects daily on IG (you can find me here) and weekly recaps here on the blog.

So here iwe go…

Daily Vintage Day 1:


Made In Italy loafers for Browns,  Renaissance, $6. Feb 2015


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