Grace Bonney & Quarterly


{image source from Grace Bonney @ design*sponge}

OK guys, if you don’t know what Quarterly is,  find out here.

Also, I wouldn’t believe you if you claimed you didn’t how who Grace Bonney was or had never heard about Design*Sponge. I *can smugly say that I was an early D*Sponge adopter, way way back in 2005 when I was discovering blogs and Etsy and wasting time at my desk job, hugely pregnant and incubating my next big idea.

This woman has seen and been an active part of the change in the online world. She brings her journalism training to the forefront of what could sometimes be a vast and empty  sea of beautiful images- images that can often create a vortex of covet and want. Not Grace though, while she does showcase the best and most creative images, she consistently engages her audience in serious discourse and pushes the entire community to ask for more than just a pretty print.  You can find her on the radio, online and always diversifying her approach of reach, hiring the best and brightest in the creative and entrepreneurial world.

Also? Her Quarterly box for my birthday. Thank you.


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