Online Shops: A La Mode Montreal


We met Julia from A La Mode Montreal  back at the shop when she wrote this piece on the shop 5 EFFING YEARS AGO!  How can it be that so much time has past since then? Well, while the shop may have come and gone, Julia is hitting her stride! As a new mom she can boast to balancing both career and motherhood with traffic stats and followings that are impressive to future collaborators and advertisers… she’s making the online world work for her by producing content that is original, relevant and a go-to for what’s up and coming on the Montreal scene.  If you’re looking for a cute new place to enjoy an Americano, or the best place for tropical plants, her blog shoudl be added to immediately to your daily reading.

calendrier_1_grande{The House That Lars Built Scandinavian Wall Calendar $17!! }

Added to the blog is one of my favorite online shops for decor, accessories, prints and general ambiance items. She sources her pieces from off the beaten track, from established indie designers like The House That Lars Built and Rifle Prints, imports glorious baskets from tropical corners of the world- all of which can gracefully fit into any decor. To top it off, she offers great customer service and is just overall pleasant.

rug_tapis_13_3_a_la_mode_montreal_grande {Chindi Rug $80}

So I encourage you to a) support a local gal and check out her shop (free shipping for March!) and b) read up on her past posts, you might find a great ressource or tip that you didn’t even know you needed.

You can find Julia on IG, on FB (with over 20 000 followers nonetheless!) and on Twitter.

{all photo sources are from Julia Vallelunga A La Mode Montreal}



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