Weekend Recap: Warmth

Coming off a week like last : kids sick, still broken arm, pending work deadlines and the inability to do fold laundry, chop, wash dishes or exercise…. arrrrrrrghhhhh! A real lesson in “letting go”, let’s just leave it at that! Despite the frustrations, we had a night at the local DQ, a hike up to the cross, a first gymnastic lesson and a fox sighting.

Without the 3 feet of snow and the added benefit of warmer temperatures,  we’ve been exploring the landscape with the kids and are discovering all the little nooks and crannies of our own great outdoors.  Abandonned fondation of delapidated building is my personal favorite. The  undergrowth covers the blocks of concrete and I can easily picture my 10 year old self lost in Nancy Drew books, sitting among the mosses and brambles.

A few years ago, we built a bonfire at my parent’s house, on one of those starry August nights. And I thought to myself that if one day, I could have my own fire, and my own stars, well that would be the apex of happiness. I grew up building fires, stocking fires and stacking fire wood… I have come to develop quite the addiction to fires.

Sure enough when we started cleaning up all the secrets that lay under the snow, I quietly started plotting the fire pit… collecting beautiful rocks (Rigaud is a prime granit site people!) and collecting branches. Before we new it, we uncovered a pile of river rocks, which we used as the base, and enough stones to build a decent ring. Bruno even bought a wheel barrow, which Luca expertly maneuvered around the property. And a few hours later… VOILA! Roaring fire and a good ol’ hot dog dinner complete with wood stump seating.

  fire pit

Life dream 76 003: DONE

Expected level of happiness: 14/10

Actual level of happiness: 8/10

good. enough


4 thoughts on “Weekend Recap: Warmth

  1. Haha the rating of expected level of happiness vs. reality = funny! That fire pit looks very inviting! It’s going to be a fun venue for us to visit!

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