Weekend Recap: Fasten Your Seatbelts

Bruno and I usually convene on Saturday mornings to discuss the plan for the weekend.  You know hashing out  the details of who’s doing what, drafting up the current list of  the things we need to do and reviewing the even longer list of what we’d like to do. Our home mantra is ‘ DO WHAT YOU NEED BEFORE DOING WHAT YOU WANT ‘. Even Pia repeats is. Anywasy, when you’ve been at half capacity all week, your list of ‘need to do’ severely outweighs the ‘would like to do’. Bref, thanks to a few changes I’ve made to our morning routine (more on that later), we were out the gate by 8am, with a full plan, a calm mind and breakfast in our bellies.

WAIT A SECOND…. haven’t I learned that something ALWAYS messes up the plan? dum dum dum…

By 8h35, our wine glass shelf collapsed and down shattered 18 glasses onto the counter, sink and food we were preparing for the kids’ breakfast.  Every s.i.n.g.l.e. grown-up glass… broken. Ok, so it took us an hour to clean up, nothing we can’t make up.

Cue dog. (yes, we have a dog now. she’s lovely but as you are about to read, she requires some ‘maintenance’ every now and again).

Rosie has figured out that Pia, the 4 yr old in this play, is her golden ticket to freedom, all you can eat buffet and a serious dose of roughhousing. By 10h00am, Rosie was out the door  and swimming down the river, chasing Canada Geese as we frantically drove from one bank to another. She thought it was hilarious.  We ALL returned home about an hour later, relieved, annoyed, dirty and even more behind schedule. At least we have the rest of the day to get everything else done, it’s only 11h30am.

Cue previous home owners, unannounced, here to take all their crap out of the barn…

I will stop it there, as those details are no fun, and who has time to spend on no fun when they’re reading blogs? Not me.

Let’s leave it at ”And they were never to be seen again”

The End.

Ok, so not everything got done, not even close! And don’t worry, I’m not going to tie up with a neat little bow…but I would have once ago, not in the too distant past, let all this really mess me up. But I managed to stay ok throughout and let go of everything that didn’t happen. I think that my new morning routine is the reason why…


I promise to go into each area over the next few weeks. I’m on Day 7 of this morning habit and I can’t even begin to tell you how positively it’s affected me. I’ve cried of happiness once everyday since I started.  While I filter through my million thoughts and draft up some more posts, you should research these resources that I have so quickly become an advocate for:

1) The Lively Show Podcast, that I discovered through After The Jump by Grace Bonney

2) TLS #68 (this is what got my out of bed at 5am the day after I listened to it)

3) Headspace: the guided meditation app that I use on my phone (BRILLIANT)

4) TLS #65 : Stop the Glorification of Busy

5) The 5 minute Journal (which I’ve re-written in my cute Rifle Paper notebook that I’ve been saving!)



One thought on “Weekend Recap: Fasten Your Seatbelts

  1. omg… omg! All that AFTER that beautiful peaceful country living photo too. I’m so happy to see your new blog posts as I do my morning routine of looking at my feedly page. And I’m on both those Lively shows today – thanks once again for you inspiration!

    I think you need another facial saturday soon… 🙂

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