Choosing the things that make you feel good: Journeying towards a uniform

Justine and I have had a book brewing for about 15 years. A minimalist approach to a wardrobe, with quirky illustrations of the must-haves of every woman’s wardrobe… It pops into my head every few months as an idea for a passion project that really should be pursued, but then life happens and it gets shelved again.

yayspring-367-560x840{photo source: Caroline Rector}

It was about 10pm last night when I realized that I wore the wrong outfit. Not that it didn’t look good, or wasn’t trendy or appropriate or anything like that. It just didn’t make me feel my absolute best. I love that eagle shirt, and those corduroy pants with the gold zipper,  and my Treetorn boots! But by the end of the night, I was uncomfortable, fidgety and constantly tugging at my clothes.

As I’m working through some pretty big things in my personal life, I’m realizing the importance of giving MYSELF the best (on so many crazy levels, hence the morning routine, which I can’t boast enough about!). Sometimes that can be as simple as saying that “today, I will wear an outfit that makes me feel great”, or even that today ” I am good enough, as is”.



UN-FANCY.COM: Creating a capsule wardrobe, that reflects your intentional style, that is swapped out seasonally and that helps you simplify the inner monologue revolving around clothing and appearance.

I listened to Rebecca Murphy’s  interview on The Lively Show and knew right away that this was something that I was working towards without realizing and wanted to hone immediately. I am at the cusp of sorting through my closet and purging some of the items that may not reflect my own intentions for my wardrobe and this gave me the push to force through, gather some research of the direction I’d like to go in, and then make it a priority. Thankfully, my sewing skills can come in handy for those pieces that can’t easily be purchased (I like me solid colored, button up, high-waisted midi skirts that aren’t always on the market!).

Here’s a quick board I put together illustrating some of the key pieces I already own and some purchases I’ll need to make (Rachel Comey boots or equivalent, Tod’s Driving Moc or equivalent… )



So there you have it, a new to me resource that’s helping re-prioritize and simplify the sometimes daunting task of getting dressed,  lookin’ good and giving yourself the best.   I hope that you can find a little something in there too!


7 thoughts on “Choosing the things that make you feel good: Journeying towards a uniform

  1. Hey there! Can you explain this concept a little more to me please? It looks interesting, and like something I could totally get into, but I’m not sure I understand 100%… you have basically 4 outfits per season??

    I don’t have a lot of clothes, but a lot of what I do have, I’m not so in love with. I do work in an office where it’s business casual – and I’m sure wearing the same outfit multiple times a week might be frowned upon…what do you suggest??

    1. Hi Edith! Thanks so much for your comment!
      This can totally work for business casual, but it needs to be tweaked for sure!!
      Think of how many outfits you need (probably 7 for a good rotation) for work and then start there.
      The idea is that you have about 40 pieces from which you can mix and match. Since we naturally only wear 20% of our wardrobe anyways, why not just have that 20% and make you we love and feel good in those pieces!
      A good starting point for business casual is 1 bottom piece for 3 top pieces.
      I have a good range of about 5 work outfits and then probably another 5-7 casual outfits for the days I’m not working.
      Start with what you love right now and note what’s missing in your wardrobe: mine was missing more loose dressier tops and a pair of work pants and a few basics like a good white tee shirt.
      I hope this helps! If not, don’t be shy to ask more questions!

      1. Thanks Emeline! I’m pretty sure I don’t have 40 pieces of clothes…maybe it’s time to get rid of what I don’t love and have a wee shopping trip! Merci beaucoup!!

      2. It’s really useful to pull everything out, handle it and think whether or not you love the piece you’re considering!
        And with some careful sale and thrift shopping, I was able to add 9 pieces for under $150 of things that were sorely missing. The key is also to start with what you have- I’m sure you don’t need a full new wardrobe, but maybe need to purge out the things that don’t make you feel like your true self!

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