Lively Basement: The Wilson Project

This house has been such a fun and colorful part of my worklife for the past 2 years. The owner has a great personal style,  loves bold colors (her entire ground floor is orange, turquoise and black) and has a true vision for herself. All I need to do is find the right items that reflect her vision and make it all happen. This, I can do!

Needing more space, the couple debated whether they should buy a bigger lodging or work with what they already had.  The idea of starting over again terrified them (they had had to rebuild this current duplex after a tragic fire destroyed  most of their things) and they loved their neighborhood and community. The idea was then to renovate the basement and create a washroom, bedroom and living play space for their 9 year old daughter.

Maria, my wonderful architect partner, alongside Casey (just the BEST contractor around) worked with tricky pipes and ceiling clearance issues (the clients opted out of digging below the slab) to create a floor plan that provides the house with a ton more storage, optimizes ceiling heights and showcases the natural light for the bedroom and living room.

The plasterers are on site now and by the end of next week, the bathroom should be close to finished! We decided to continue the bold and saturated color scheme and apply it to a white backdrop, as opposed to upstairs where the backdrop is black.  We whitewashed all the surfaces and opted for cabinetry elements in poppy yellow.  Adding multi-colored rugs from FLOR.COM (individual carpet tiles) and accent fabrics that repeat the Magenta+Turquoise+Yellow color scheme from the original concept.  That funky Otomi wallpaper will serve as a focal point for the little office space we’ve carved out.  nikki blog


We’re beyond excited to see how much a whole new floor will add to this already fun lower duplex.


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