Garbarino Acres Update 2

update{can you guess who those kitchen clogs belong to? HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!}

Since this is our first spring in the house, we’re dedicating most of our efforts to analyzing the land and organizing the landscape for the years to come. The first season in the garden, is an infrastructure season. Meaning no fun to be had at all.   The drawback of moving in the winter is really having to scope of what’s already in place. Despite that, we’ve allocated space for the veggie garden, fire pit, a new flower bed and I’ve worked on some perspective drawings for an outdoor eating space that utilizes that hideous concrete slab we have in the back. When it’s a bit prettier, I’ll share that space and our projects here.

But in the meantime…



Number of Days spent on my To Do List: 9

Hours spent on project: 2

Expected Rate of Happiness: 7/10

Acutal Rate of Happiness: 12/10

Percentage of chance that  these seedlings yielding produce: 50

Species Sown: 8


10802680_804873679554343_1331060883_n My parents bought us our very first batch of laying hens for our birthdays this year. They are arriving May 11th, which happens to fall a few days before my cast gets removed, AND on the week that Bruno is away for work.  The chicken coop needs to be burnt down cleaned before our ladies arrive.

Hopefully the dog doesn’t kill the chickens…


ROSIE When she’s not busy escaping for a swim upriver or terrifying the barn cats, she’s casually grabbing a snack out of Pia’s hand. What had at first been a supposed “outdoor” dog has almost instantly turned into my favorite cuddler in the house. True, adding a dog to this already hysterical household is not for the fainthearted, but she’s proven to be a great companion and a good excuse to get some exercise. When she’s not dragging you down mountains and breaking your arm, that is. Meet Rosie.


hobbit houseIt’s an exciting subject around here, almost a buzzworthy as “drainage”. When you are married to a geologist, simple landscaping is elevated to a much more complex level. Apparently elevation surveys and soil analysis are MANDATORY before anything else can happen. The word “water feature” is being used much more often than I’d like…

Note that the  fencing needs “work”, it’s looking like the creepy house at the end of True Detective.  We’ve removed so much carcosa related garbage from this place already, but there is SO much left to do. I can’t wait to have my arm healed, only if it means that I can drive the wheel barrell without needing the kids’ help.  Maybe then I can attack the removal of the 30 bags full of mystery “soil”.


spring blooms

Despite the warnings of waiting a full season before purchasing anything, I’ve bought a pot of peonies and a forsythia bush, but I’m terrified of planting either of them. I’m rarely seen as someone who is indecisive, but I can honestly say that the future of this household depends on the proper positioning of these two perennials. Without a doubt.

The previous owners, while not very tidy on the inside, seem to have spent quite a deal of time on the flower beds around the front of the house. What exactly is growing will only be evident in a few weeks, but I’ve spotted some lilac bushes, some lillies, loads of rose bushes and a few patched of hydrangea. I remember seeing dried out sunflowers in October, but who knows

So that recaps the core of the Garbarino Acres Updates… I’d love to show pictures of a brand new bathroom and a fully sparkly white washed kitchen, but we’re working at slothlike pace..

Maybe one day I will have less brown wallpaper, but until then, I am very happy to stay just as is.


One thought on “Garbarino Acres Update 2

  1. Rosie!!! What a cutie – glad she’s making up in cuddles for that broken arm! So excited for your yard!! We have a lot of trees so I am very envious of anybody who can have forsythias and rose bushes 🙂 Can’t wait to see your chickens!! xo

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