My Love for Paper Goods Know No Bounds

For reasons piano-lesson related, I spend 30 minutes at Chapters every week. For those of you who may have been following along, I am definitely trying to purge my consumerism tendencies, so Wednesdays can be a bit challenging when you combine Kate Spade Stationery with Gardening Magazines. It’s hard to resist.

Nevertheless, I have enough paper goods and access to the gazillion Pinterest gardening boards, that I don’t NEED a gold and acrylic stapler engraved with a catchy “Keep It Together” plate, right? RIGHT??

That’s right.. I also don’t NEED Whitney English’s Day Designer ?  Because I make my own, right? RIGHT??

Day-Designer-Gold-Spotty-May-2015-Image_large{but I LOOOOOOOOVE it- maybe for Mothers’ Day?}

All this to say that I am a sucker for all that is paper organizational stuff (the official terminology). In my purse, at all times, I carry my project notebook, my day planner (self-drawn) and my new meditation journal…. yes, you read right. Meditation Journal! The one that was inspired by the 5 Minute Journal and that without a doubt, constitutes the thing I look most forward to in my morning routine (which in and of itself is my favorite part of the day- by faaaaar).

paper love{journal, day planner, project notebook with book cover sewn for the sewing video we did at the store}

I’ve always talked about developing my own planner, and seeing this Day Designer made me realize that lots of people are looking for paper organizational products that help you keep focused, and add a nice ritual to your day.

For fear of sounding very bloggish- how do you guys keep your days organized? Paper, iphone reminders, wall calendars?

And with that, I wish you all a happy weekend and know that this space made my month, re-affirmed the need for writing (badly- geez, I need to edit my posts properly!)  and self-reflection in my life.

Come back next week if you want, and we can chat about vision boards, the garden and my desire  to wear kaftans + kitchen clogs daily.



2 thoughts on “My Love for Paper Goods Know No Bounds

  1. I’ve been simplifying what I consult! It’s a paper wall calendar on our fridge and calendar online (merges all calendars into one excellent space accessible everywhere). To do lists are kept in my mind now, keeps the overwhelm under threshold.

    1. I think I’m done with my to do lists! I do a global one for the week in my planner and that’s the only thing I use. Although I have to input all my stuff into google calendar for Bruno, that’s where I keep our financial calendar too.
      But seriously, did the Amish have to do lists? Why can’t the bank just send me new cheques instead of me ordering them? Self-renewing drivers licenses would be nice too! 😉

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