19 Things I’ve learned in 6 months of Country Life

I thought I would miss more about the city. Considering how long I spent in NDG, and how often I was out of the house and milling about town, I was sure that I’d miss the action.  But in all honesty, I was keeping busy as a way to avoid being alone with myself. There were things I just couldn’t face, voices I couldn’t quiet and that folks, is a post for another day, k?

I miss things like coffee shops, movie theaters, butchers and the option to have lunch- and not at home. But those things I’m living without, and I barely miss them. I make pretty good coffee and lunch here, and they stopped making movies awhile back anyways. So what’s to miss?

The people.

And by that, I don’t mean the random people on the street, and in Akhavan,  because I REALLY don’t miss those- I saw them all on Saturday and I can honestly say NO THANK YOU, I’d rather be planting ferns.  Alone.

No, I miss the people that I love who live there. Whoever comes into our lives now, will only have a part of the story. And that makes me treasure the friends I already have, my friends for life.  You that know me inside and out, who have seen me done up and torn down, know where I came from and why I’m heading in this direction.

creative table

And with that in mind (I’m on day 20 of my morning routine, can you tell?!) I give you a few insights from 6 MONTHS of Country Life

How early you get up and how early you go to bed

How much you miss your neighbors (the nice ones that give you sugar)

How the weird 60 year old woman standing in your driveway will not rob you, she is just looking for her dog

How little time you spend worrying about how you look, smell or dress

How easily people ask you how much you paid for your property

How each trip away from home is calculated

How much you depend on your car

How loud birds are

How every house has a fire pit

How much I want a pergola

How awe inspiring winter can be

How much soil & compost you need

How there is NO REST. EVER.

How dirty the house can get, and how little I care

How come no one eats Canada Geese?

How you need a dedicated set of outdoor work clothes

How much there is to learn, and how little I know

How handy you need to be

How every decision I’ve made, the tough ones, the easy ones, the bad ones and the best ones, how they all have led to this

How I’m weaning myself away from the fear that it’s too good to be true



7 thoughts on “19 Things I’ve learned in 6 months of Country Life

  1. Ha! Love this list. Agree with every one (although I can still depend on my neighbours for sugar). It’s not just property they ask the price of – no personal information is beyond questioning. And boy are those birds loud!

  2. The bird-themed lessons: all made me laugh! And! I love being able to come visit, let my kids run wild and eat all your food! I also love reading how this new chapter brings on new discovery xo

  3. oh Annabelle, I don’t know if you’ll ever realize how much joy it brings me to have people here… and now that it’s beautiful out, we literally just lay on quilts in the field and talk about eating geese. Cause there are THOUSANDS out there and they don’t seem particularly useful!

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