Morning Routine: Upate from 20+ Days and not 1 missed

Remember This? Have I chatted your ear off about it? No? Well get ready, because I’m about to chat your ear off about it. AGAIN.  Although not much has changed in the actual routine, I’ve tweaked some things around and have reflected on how the routine is impacting my overall mood, day and interactions.

The workout:

I’ve found that I’m using the 7 minute workout app (free!) on my phone and I’ll do the sequence twice. You can read about it here and while it’s not a huge workout, I approach it as a warm up to the day.
By 6am, I’ve broken a sweat and done 10 push ups? I’m AMAZING. (p.s- the cast makes the push ups SO MUCH EASIER!.

Now this has been a game-changer for me. Someone who thought that exercise could only be this 45 minute run, or 40 lap swim, or 90 minute class. Just by doing this simple set, I feel incredibly stronger, more flexible and to boot, I’ve lost 5 pounds! Not only that,
but by doing the exercise so early in the morning, I feel more compelled to do another set later on in the day.

Return on Investment: 800%

The meditation:

I can definitely say that the meditation is my favorite part of the routine AND of my day. I’m working towards maybe incorporating a small meditation in the evening too, as I feel my pool pf patience is getting shallower again.

I’ve migrated the meditation outside and that’s helped me clear my thoughts. It’s still chaotic in there, but I can more easily reign myself in when I’m outside. I’m also trying to move away from the guided meditation and am trying to guide myself. It helps keep the quiet too. Have you asked yourself why are guided meditation voice overs SO TERRIBLE? LIKE SO SO TERRIBLE?? I have. Many times.

Return on Investment: 1000%

The Journaling:

Done in the morning and at night, this needs a bit of work. The focus of the journal is gratitude and while that’s great, I feel a bit limited in what I’m writing and repetitive in the content. Maybe because I’m using this blog as a journal of sorts, I’m not getting as much out of the physical journal as I could?
Feel free to send me recommendations if you have any!

What the journaling HAS done however, is help me take the time to sit down and write out the things that are important to me: life goals + projects, blog post ideas + business ventures, values (personal, professional and self-related) all in this collection of random note books, which I lug around with me everywhere. I guess documentation helps you focus on what you actually want to do, rather than what you think you want to do?

Maybe I’m getting more out of this than I thought!

Return on Investment: 80%?


Mindful eating: by taking the time to do these things for myself, food is much less of a reward and more of a building tool.

“feeding myself from the inside, out”

Makes sense, wish I had thought of it like 20 years ago.

More introspection: I had an altercation with Pia’s teacher and it sent me reeling. Instead of jumping to the usual conclusion “b*tch is trying to make me feel like a bad mother”, I tried asking myself why it bothered me so much and how could I handle it so that it didn’t affect me so strongly.
Trust me, “b*itch is trying to make me feel like a bad mother” was still there, but it wasn’t the main thing that came out of it.

Time Management: I am better able to sort out my time and make sure that I allot it properly. I can also predict the periods of time when I slip into a distraction vortex, which happens from 4-7 when kids are home and there’s homework, the dog, dinner to make etc… I end up often flitting from one task to another without getting anything done properly, leaving me exhausted and frustrated. So now that I’m more aware of that, I set it in my intentions for the day and try to not let myself slip in too deeply.

Feeling lighter:

My mood is much better and there are far fewer dark days than before, and the explosions of yelling at the kids have subsided, although I know a 9 year old who is pushing the limits daily. Even Bruno has commented on how much more positive I’ve been. HUZZAH!

What Needs Work:

Re-reading my journal, I know that my anxiety isn’t as easily predictable and sets in when my intentions vary greatly from the outcome (usually in a negative way). So my work is trying to let go of controlling the outcome of a situation, which seems as daunting and unrealistic as me brushing my hair every day.

Staying away from the lure of external validation and doing the things I enjoy because of the pleasure they give me and not the accolades that they can or can’t produce.
Some of you may know that my mother wasn’t totally on board with us buying this house and I’ve derived a great sense of power from knowing in the depth of my person that it was the right thing for us. Going against her advice and contradicting her fears and insecurities, was VERY difficult for me. I’ve always wanted to please her, but I just outright knew that she was wrong.

Recognizing the goals that I’ve set out for myself and taking actions to make them happen, instead of pining away at what everyone else has. And making sure I check in with them on a weekly basis, to make sure they are not falling to the wayside.
Having faith that if I follow my values, and act accordingly, everything else will follow, and no having that wallpaper will not make me a better person.


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