Rainbow layered Sparkly Salad

So you’ve gotten the pot luck BBQ evite (the one online tool I just can’t get on board with! My brain just does not register that there’s an actual thing happening that’s attached to the email…Does that make sense?)
and since you have not answered the evite, you get a reminder email asking you to please confirm AND bring a salad.
See? You’ve been punished for not answering the Evite. Just ANSWER NEXT TIME.

Ok, so you need a killer salad to make up for your cyber etiquette faux-pas…what are you going to make?

Easy: Rainbow Sparkly Layered Salad

For starters… Do you have a mandoline?
Me neither…
Did you maybe buy a really expensive one for your mother and then develop an almost paralyzingly fear of using it after a rather scary sweet potatoe French fry cutting incident? Yeah, me neither… Who does that?

So take out your good old fashion grater and grate the following:


Red Cabbage
Julienned Kale or Swiss Chard


Do you dislike brown rice because, let’s be honest, it tastes like crap? Me too!! Buy wild rice instead, or even red quinoa, or if you lurve wheat berries- try those! You can skip the grain, but when feeding a crowd, you might want to throw some in.

Brown Rice (the only non-disgusting one is Lundberg Short Grain or the Japanese Brown Rice- which is actually delicious- FINE)
Red Quinoa
Wheat Berries
Wild Rice (the best)


Peas (I used fresh, but that’s only because the smug Brit at the cash of my food coop forced me to)
Red pepper
Sprouts (if you have them
Sunflower seeds toasted

Flavour Booster: ( NO THIS IS NOT A DRESSING)

Green onion
Red onion
Cilantro or parsley or mint or basil or all of the above
Lemon juice
Olive oil

Start with your grain, then add the shredded stuff, the crunch and then the flavour boosters.

Obviously there are 1 000 000 ingredients in mine because I had a crap load of tiny pieces of veggies in the fridge after a popular taco night, so it was fairly simple to throw it all together. You for sure don’t need all the crunchies, but I will insist on the flavour boosters, specially the honey + lemon juice.


And there you have it, a beautiful pot luck worthy salad, that you can also mason jarify for picnics or a day on the road buying stuff for clients.

Happy Saturday!


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