Garbarino Acres: Update 3

garbarinoupdate2{$11 Fake Wreath from Ikea- I know, it’s totally ridiculous, but it made me feel better about not buying these– which I *need* so badly it hurts}

Well, the winter is long gone, and while we spent the first few months of the year not renovating, we are so excited to be working outside, that we’ve forgotten all about the uninsulated walls, the bathroom plywood floor and the ripped up wallpaper. Don’t even talk to me about the hole in the kitchen ceiling: still there. Let this be a lesson to all of my clients who have unrealistic timeframe expectations.

The inside stuff isn’t even going to be close to finished before September.


It isn’t even worth mentioning! That’s how little we’ve done since the Spring. Oh well, actually, we’ve killed a colony of carpenter ants, that’s noteworthy, right?


garden plan4

The plan is DONE! The soil is ordered and delivered! The seedlings are doing well, heck I even planted the kale in its very own kale plot.

Is the plot excavated? Hmmm… well, not exactly. That’s a Good New/Bad News Situation. See, the good news is that there will be enough stones to build 17 really long rock walls, and the bad news is that we have to take all those rocks out by hand. We’ve been digging that b*tch of a plot since last Saturday and we still have 1/4 left.

Isn’t planting weekend this upcoming weekend?

Yes it is.

garbarinoupdate3{I am not kidding when I tell you that we’ve found 3 TEETH in the soil}


Still not here…

We’ve had a minor scheduling setback and they are being boarded chez Meme & Pepe until we can hermeticize (real word, I swear) the foundation and bring in the 500+ thread count wood shavings for these queens.

As a teaser though, we helped out our neighbours by feeding and closing up their 22 hens and I can tell you that we are all very excited to have our own. Those laying gals were so funny and cute, they even let us pet them. I may even overcome my crippling fear of indoor flying birds.

garbarinoupdate4{slight tones of the house at the end of True Detective, minus Woody}


The crab apples, lilly of the valley, lilac and PEONIES, YES PEONIES,  are all coming along- it’s surreal that all of these gorgeous things are all on our property. I am going to reveal myself as the true nature geek by telling you that yes, the presence of peonies has made it onto my gratitude list. At least once. Twice.

I started transplanting and dividing some perennials (look at me!) like hostas and lilly of the valley. I’ve even started some perennials from seed like poppies, hollyhocks and coneflowers in little started pots… I’m excited to see the result and whether or not they do well enough to be planted in the fall. There’s a Garden Inspiration Pinterest Board that I’ve started to keep track of the color schemes that I would like to create, but knowing myself it’ll end up being full spectrum. Choosing a color palette is waaaaaay too hard, I need all of the colors, all at once.

I’m trying to map out some sort of garden calendar that will help me stay on track and ready for when the fall hits (that seems to be when the bulk of the work needs to get done). That will also give me some time to teach myself basic skills like *how to prune rosebushes* and *how to proliferate dandelions (that I’m actually very good at…).


Still high on the wish list… I keep on dropping hints like whispering “pergola pergola pergola…” in my sleep,  but nothing has happened yet. I am working on a whole post dedicated only to pergolas and it’s not doing good things for my burning live passion for them.

So that’s it from over here, there’s also a strong desire to have another animal(z) like an alpaca, goat or piglets, but I don’t want to verge on the ridiculous today. I’ll keep that for next week!



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